Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News
Laura Anderson plays with Ty, 8, who has autism. His new therapy room will give him a safe, indestructible place to climb and play.

Breck England cites autism in his challenge to Todd Weiler for state Senate. I am a father of two diagnosed autistic children, and I am thankful for Weiler's stance. The "autism community" is not unanimous on insurance mandates. Causes and treatments for autism are controversial issues, and legislative intervention risks unintended consequences.

One autism special interest group promotes legislation around the country giving special priority to an expensive therapy that has been losing ground to newer therapies. Weiler introduced a bill giving schools additional funds to cover all proposed insurance mandates. That incurred the wrath of this group. Attacks on Weiler began within hours of his bill's introduction. Why? Because it forced a fiscal note they had deliberately tried to avoid.

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No matter what Autism Speaks says about having a low cost bill, their actions and anger indicate they know otherwise.

England favored the mandate and cites reasons as wanting services for his grandson and because other states have such laws. He has not demonstrated the ability to find unintended consequences and hidden agendas or to question the cost of legislation sponsored by special interest groups. I encourage voters to support Weiler's commitment to transparency and informed legislative votes.

Dwight Stringham