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Mia Love and Jim Matheson talk during a break in their debate on the Doug Wright Show in Salt Lake City, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012.

I am embarrassed for Rep. Jim Matheson when he attacks Mia Love in his ads by claiming that she is going to "gamble" with our Social Security dollars by investing in the stock market. Either he doesn't understand how the free market economy works, or he is so desperate to get re-elected that he is willing to say anything in an attempt to confuse the electorate.

The real gamble occurs when we let the government manage our retirement funds. The Congress without our consent has been stealing money from the Social Security fund for years.

Stocks are the evidence of ownership in American and foreign companies, and almost every retirement fund in America both public and private is invested in the market. If it were such a bad deal, then everyone would bail out and there would be no stock market. The market goes up, and the market goes down, but I'll take the market any day over the government managing my retirement.

Jack Emery