Tom Smart, Deseret News
Simon Cho speaks at a press conference, as his attorney, John Wunderli, listens as he address allegations that have been made in the arbitration demand brought by a group of speed skaters against US Speedskating and the coaches Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Loser: U.S. Olympic speed skater Simon Cho admitted at a Salt Lake press conference this week that he tampered with the skates of a rival, Canada's Oliver Jean, prior to the 2011 World Team Championships in Poland. Canada ended up with a bronze medal. In making his admission, Choo said he had been told to tamper with the skates by his coach, Jae Su Chun. That claim will have to be sorted out by investigations currently underway. One thing is certain — this is a sorry chapter in the annals of short-track speed skating in the United States.

Winner: This is the kind of story that lends credence to every Disney movie or cartoon about man's best friend. In New York, a 7-year-old husky dog was so agitated after his master had to go to the hospital for a skin condition that he escaped his yard, crossed under a busy parkway and across a four-lane road and tried to enter the hospital. Neither the man nor his wife had ever taken the dog to that hospital, which is two miles from their home. A hospital employee found the dog outside the building. As reported, the dog may have followed his owner's scent, but that seems highly unlikely. Only the dog who, after being taken home, made the journey again a few days later, really knows.

Winner: An estimated 67.2 million Americans watched the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney. That was the largest audience for such a debate since 1992, proving there is interest in the face, and that apathy does not have the upper hand in American politics. The number is especially encouraging because it doesn't include the many people who may have been watching on the Internet or listening to it in their cars.

Loser: If you had a flight booked on American Airlines this week, you probably have first-hand knowledge of the airline's recent woes. After rows of seats began coming lose on several flights, the airline decided to ground 48 Boeing 757s until it could fix the problem. That led to a host of delays and cancellations. One possible cause? Passengers who spilled sodas through the years may have helped loosen a pin-and-lock system holding the seats in place. In any event, it was not a good week for an airline already struggling with bankruptcy.