Tom Smart, Deseret News
Ben McAdams and his wife, Julie.

This letter is for the undecided voters in Salt Lake County. I'll be upfront and say that I'm a Republican who endorses Ben McAdams.

McAdams is a competent, knowledgeable leader who has a history of getting things done through listening, compromising and cooperating. His record proves as much. The most significant thing that Mark Crockett did while in office was the Jordan School District split, which raised taxes, divided the county along the east-west split and hurt our children.

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Crockett will tell you that he's balanced budgets of multi-billion dollar companies and that that experience qualifies him to lead the county. Well, the county is different. The county mayor must work collaboratively with 16 autonomous cities, plus school districts, water and sewer districts and others to solve mutual problems.

Independent and undecided voters need to ask themselves: Why does nearly every Republican mayor support McAdams? Why aren't any current Republican county councilmen endorsing Crockett? Why are Republican state senators flocking to the McAdams camp?

The answer is because those who know both candidates know that McAdams builds bridges.

Keven Wall