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In this photo taken Oct. 4, 2012, Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks in Denver.

I suspect that there are many in Utah like our family who will be voting for both Mitt Romney and Jim Matheson. A recent FM3 poll showed both with high favorably ratings in Salt Lake County, though each come from different political parties. So why keep Matheson in office, despite intense Republican Party grandiloquence this time to finally oust him?

Perhaps we Independents and enough moderate, smart-thinking Republicans and Democrats realize that if Romney does win, he will need Matheson and other moderate Democrats since both promise bipartisanship to solve our nation's problems. Romney touts his executive experience in Massachusetts as governor successfully working with the "opposition." President George W. Bush even sent Matheson a letter thanking him for his support during his terms.

And should Barack Obama win, Matheson continues to maneuver middle ground, putting Utah first before either party. That's what made sense when he was elected in 2000 and re-elected since. That's still good for us no matter what the extremes of our political parties advocate.

Clint Warby

West Jordan