Scott G.Winterton/Deseret News
The Nauvoo Temple.

NAUVOO, Ill. — Applications to audition to be a young performing missionary next summer in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission are due Nov. 30. Late applications will not be considered.

Each year 20 stage missionaries, two to four tech missionaries and 16 to 18 band members are selected through an audition process, and will receive a four-month Church Service Mission call from May 3 to Aug. 13, 2013, to the Illinois Nauvoo Mission, assigned to serve in Nauvoo, according to a news release.

Young performing missionary candidates should be in excellent physical and mental health, as they are required to consistently put in 12- to 14-hour performance days, seven days per week for the entire summer. Stage young performing missionaries sing, dance and act in seven separate productions in addition to entertaining on the streets of Historic Nauvoo. They also participate as the dancing corps for the Nauvoo Pageant during the month of July.

Band young performing missionaries perform on a horse-drawn bandwagon throughout the streets of Nauvoo. They also participate in stage shows, give daily concerts and participate in the Nauvoo Pageant. Additionally, band young performing missionaries serve as guides in the Nauvoo historic sites.

Tech missionaries are responsible for stage management, setting/running lighting and sound, and overseeing all technical aspects of each performance.

Applicants are asked to submit a full audition packet, including an audition DVD.

Typically, between 250 and 300 stage applications each year and 40 to 50 band applications are received. From these initial packets, 40 stage applicants and 25 to 30 band applicants are invited to participate in a full-day call-back audition, at the conclusion of which the final young performing missionaries candidates will be selected.

All young performing missionaries are called as service missionaries and must obtain an ecclesiastical recommend and complete service missionary application documents once selected. They are expected to live in mission companionships, abide by all mission rules and provide their own financial support (outside of travel, which is provided).

Information and the full application packet are online at