Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Mia Love is running for Utah's 4th congressional district.

Lately, I've read letters daily from Mia Love supporters, attacking her opponent while calling her courageous and a breath of fresh air. Huh? What's fresh? Is Love really that much different than fellow tea party officials, Jason Chaffetz or Mike Lee? We already have too many of those partisan team players who have created the most dysfunctional Congress ever.

If she really was a breath of fresh air, as her supporters make her out to be, why not campaign on breaking up the big banks, regulating Wall Street and cutting out of control defense and foreign aid handouts? Why campaign against college students and the EPA?

If she really wants to be courageous, she should suggest compromise, not obstruction, admit that tax increases and spending cuts are necessary, support the president no matter which one is elected and actually pass legislation that would benefit America rather than only pass/block legislation that scores political points for her party.

Dane Henderson