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Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Marvin Williams, one of the offseason acquisitions of the Utah Jazz, answers questions from the media on Monday.
I've always liked Marvin, and playing with him over the last couple of weeks was really great. —Utah Jazz guard Mo Williams

SALT LAKE CITY — It didn't take long for Utah Jazz newcomers Mo Williams and Marvin Williams to get mixed up by the Jazz staff.

Both players laughed about it Monday at the Zions Bank Basketball Center as they met with the assembled media throng for the first time this season.

It seems Mo had asked the Jazz to provide him with 10 game DVDs from last season to study. Only he never received them.

However, someone else got an unexpected surprise.

"I came in and there were 10 DVDs on my seat," said Marvin. "I said, 'I have to watch all these game films?' So I've been trying to watch these games and I come to find out these were for Mo. I told Mo I'll bring them tomorrow."

Mo called it their "first episode" for getting mixed up, but he laughed it off. "Unfortunately I haven't received them yet, but Marvin has watched the games, so he'll pass them over to me."

Mo and Marvin both acted thrilled to be with the Jazz, as did Randy Foye, who joined the Jazz as a free agent from the L.A. Clippers.

The three veterans, who have a combined 22 years of NBA experience, know each other quite well and had plenty of good things to say about each other Monday afternoon. Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin also sang the praises of the trio, who give the team the experience it has been lacking for the past couple of seasons.

"They're veterans, they've been around this league for a while and they've been on some great teams," Corbin said. "They're talented guys that are going to help us grow … they're going to lead this group of guys and help us get better sooner than later. The most pleasing thing is that they're happy to be here and be part of the Jazz family."

Mo Williams and Foye were teammates for the past year and a half for the Los Angeles Clippers. Mo said he's gotten to know Marvin and his game well, working out together last month.

"I've played with Randy, so I know his game really well," Mo said. "I've always liked Marvin, and playing with him over the last couple of weeks was really great. I got the opportunity to see him do things I didn't know he could do. He can stretch the floor, he can hit the three, he's strong and athletic … I could go on and on about the cat. I'm excited about the addition of him."

Foye talked about his choice of Utah, saying he wanted to play with his old teammate, Mo, and because "it felt right" to come to Utah. He also laughed about leaving his garage open the first week he was in town and discovering two deer there.

"Welcome to Utah," he said.

Foye only signed a one-year deal with the Jazz, but said he "loves it here" and has already talked to Kevin O'Connor about playing here longer.

"Sometimes (players) go to places for the wrong reasons," he said. "I didn't come here to party or for the nightlife but to play basketball. The biggest thing for me is to win."

Marvin Williams was a No. 2 overall pick for Atlanta in 2005, and he's excited for a new start in Utah.

"I almost feel like a rookie again with the excitement and anticipation," he said. "I'm really excited to get going."