Tom Smart, Deseret News
Ben McAdams and his wife, Julie, Ben is the democratice Salt Lake County mayoral candidate Ben McAdams Monday, July 30, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In following the race for Salt Lake County Mayor, including the recent debates between Ben McAdams and Mark Crockett, a few things have become apparent. Crockett comes across as aloof, arrogant and dismissive of anyone who doesn't believe exactly as he does — including the Republican mayors and legislators who have endorsed McAdams.

Conversely, McAdams recognizes that diversity of opinion is a community strength and exemplifies leadership in working with those who disagree with his own position, rather than dismissing them. The fact that 13 of 16 mayors in Salt Lake County, regardless of party affiliation, support McAdams shows his desire to truly understand the needs of all parts of the county.

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Further, Crockett has once again been found guilty of violating the same campaign finance law which he was deemed guilty of violating in his previous campaign. Crockett and his campaign manager continue to use the same excuse for this violation that they were told was an invalid reading of the law previously. Repeatedly trying to break or bend the rules for personal power is arrogant and not a characteristic of a true leader.

Salt Lake County needs a mayor who will lead us into the future, work across party lines to get things done and who will make tough decisions while maintaining compassion and integrity. That leader is McAdams.

Isaac Higham

South Jordan