Wealth is created and consumed or destroyed on a daily basis. Our forefathers were able to build a nation to greatness because they worked hard to create new ways of creating wealth, better tools, better homes, better businesses, working harder to earn more and create more wealth.

When government takes from those who create to redistribute the wealth, it is consumed without bettering either the creator or the recipient. Anytime wealth is taken from one individual without work or other compensation to produce more, wealth is simply destroyed. Redistribution of wealth destroys wealth as well as the recipient because it instills in them the notion that they are entitled to receive prosperity without working for it.

Government is also inherently inefficient and wasteful. In the mid-1980s a study was done that showed that we get 18 cents of services for every dollar we give the government; less than one-fifth of every dollar we give the government actually makes it to the purpose for which it was taken.

More government is not the answer, it is the problem. If you truly want to better the plight of the poor and middle class, reduce the size of government regulation and taxes. Doing so will free up existing wealth to create new jobs, new small businesses and thus create wealth at all levels of society and enable the poor to raise their condition. It would give hope and re-enable a path to the American dream.

Keith L. Breinholt