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In this March 23, 2010, file photo President Barack Obama signs the health care bill in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

Wouldn't you like to have health care insurance too? I'm talking to minimum-wage workers not lucky enough to be covered by their employers and self-employed farmers, artists and single moms who can barely work enough hours to buy groceries and cover the rent.

Under The Affordable Care Act, the federal government will pay to expand Medicaid to adults earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($31,809 for a family of four). States gradually will pick up 10 percent of the cost by 2020.

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Sadly, several states are dominated by Republican governors who refuse to implement the Medicaid expansion, even though it is free for three years and 90 percent free after that. They outright lie that the employer mandate hurts small businesses. The truth is that no small business with 50 or fewer employees will be required to get insurance for their workers, and those with 25 employees or fewer who do decide to insure their workers will receive a tax subsidy for their generosity.

Republicans even balk at having a state insurance exchange where employers can comparison shop for best price and get a tax subsidy.

Sherrie Goff

Pocatello, Idaho