Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Salt Lake County mayoral candidates Mark Crockett, left, and Ben McAdams answer a few questions Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, at the KCPW radio studios.

I am an independent through and through. I hate the idea of catch-all political parties. I never feel truly represented. Rather, I feel ignored and disillusioned with partisan politics.

Therefore, I look at the candidates individually as people and vote based on those judgments. After a lot of thought, I fully endorse Ben McAdams for Salt Lake County Mayor. As a delegate, I got to know McAdams. I was most impressed with his ability to build consensus.

Growing up, I saw the detrimental effects of non-cooperation and partisan politics on a local level in my hometown. I am tired of bipartisan politics and want someone who will stand for what is right, regardless of if it falls under the Republican or Democrat party lines. I voted for McAdams in the primary because I wanted someone who was willing to be a bridge between fractious sides.

I finally feel like I found a politician who can represent me, someone who is willing to not limit himself to one side or another but rather forge a new path. He is a candidate that stands for his own principles — the essence of a politician with integrity.

Arielle Newman

Salt Lake City