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This February 2005 file photo shows trays of printed social security checks, in Philadelphia, waiting to be mailed from the U.S. Treasury.

Investing Social Security tax money in the stock market is like giving that money to a professional poker player. If he wins, he will probably give some of the money back after he keeps what he believes he deserves.

Most of the people I know who buy and sell in the stock market, in their own words, "play" the market. They know that Social Security money is "fresh blood." They can smell it.

It will stimulate the market and create opportunities for those who have the "savvy" to "earn" money on their "investments." Why not tell the truth and admit that the Social Security money withheld from today's workers is paying to help support today's disadvantaged and retired workers.

If today's leaders cannot take care of today's needs with today's income, those leaders need to be replaced.

W.L. Haynes

West Valley City