Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
A voter gets an \"I Voted\" sticker after casting her vote Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

A small group of over-exuberant citizens has forced the issue of a new city for Millcreek to be placed on the ballot on Nov. 6. These citizens approached friends at the Legislature to pass a new law at the state level this past session to lower the threshold of signatures to get this on the ballot.

You might notice blue signs popping up around Millcreek Township stating "Yes" to the City of Millcreek. Citizens are promising local business owners and citizens that their taxes will be lower, but this is a highly improbable statement. I would like to caution "buyer (voter) beware."

Some facts: Local business owners and residents can incur new franchise taxes as a city, which they cannot under the current township status. These include the following surcharges on utility bills: electricity, up to 6 percent; natural gas, 6 percent; telephone, 3.5 percent; cell phones, 3.5 percent. Other optional taxes may be incurred as well.

Startup costs for other new cities adjacent to the township range between $600,000 and $3 million. There is no proposed funding for start up costs in Millcreek; this points to a deficit starting on day one.

Kathy Swift

Salt Lake City