Patrick Semansky, ASSOCIATED PRESS
Referee Gene Steratore talks to booth officials before an NFL football game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns in Baltimore, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012.

The latest flap over officiating is for the birds. There is a simple solution: Go back to the basics, and eliminate instant replay and review of calls. Imagine how long it would take to play a baseball game if every pitch was reviewed and subject to change.

How about doing the following: Every time a coach makes a dumb call, have the official go over and get in his face with "That was a stupid thing to do. Who ever told you that you could coach!" The next time a player complains about a call, let the official turn to the player with, "As poorly as you are playing, you have no right to complain about how I am officiating!"

Let the officials turn on their mikes and get on the fans backs with, "Your mother sure dressed you funny today!" Or, the ultimate action, reverse any call that is protested, and when the other side protests the reversal, have everyone vote on which way the call should go. The game might be finished day after tomorrow.

Officials are part of the game, and just like the players, some are better than others. But to expect perfection in them is no more possible than in the players. What player wouldn't love to recall that last throw or replay that last kick. Next thing we might have is for officials to be required to take out malpractice insurance and settle all disputes in a court. Please, let's just get back to playing ball.

Berwyn J. Andrus