Scott G Winterton, Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Superintendent Dr. David S. Doty listens during the board meeting. Residents voice their opinions Tuesday, April 17, 2012 during a Canyons School Board meeting where some are requesting an investigation of Superintendent Dr. David S. Doty.

Every voter should read "Canyons School Board tables code of ethics plan" (Sept. 19). In a nutshell, the board majority wants to make it a "high crime" when a school board member elected by you and by me visits with the school faculty and staff without permission from the superintendent. The penalty for this "high crime" is removal from office.

Did these school board members gain their knowledge of ethics while living in a communist country? Do they know anything about a government where elected officials are expected to represent the interests of their constituents? Instead, they seem to think they have been elected to a soiree where it is impolite to publicly disagree.

All of this is on top of recent accusations that Superintendent David Doty has been bullying, harassing and intimidating teachers and other employees. Instead of properly investigating these charges, the school board conveniently swept the matter under a rug.

It is a curious thing when the actions of a school suggest that it is ethical to bully and harass but not ethical to disagree. Anyone who votes for the school board members running for re-election is voting for more of the same.

Kurt Hall