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In this June 4, 2012 file photo, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton wave to the crowd during a campaign event at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York.

I am an American, and I am a Korean War veteran and an active citizen. I understand that to be a successful politician the main talent that you need to have is the ability to raise money. Nothing else is as important for political success.

Fact, the one who spends the most usually wins. There are still a few of us who try to analyze honesty and character, so I need an answer to a question, or maybe two. How do politicians define an extreme liberal Democrat?

I have been told that that is just another name for socialism — like Fidel Castro or Joseph Stalin. Even if that is close to the truth, why in the world would any free person want that. It has never succeeded anywhere in the world and has 100 percent of the time made things far worse.

Question number two: How close does a liberal Democrat compare to one of these socialists politically?

Lyle C. Tillett