Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Ben McAdams speaks during a Salt Lake County Mayoral debate against Mark Crockett on Friday, September 14, 2012.

Ben McAdams can and will make a difference as Salt Lake County mayor. His track record speaks for itself.

In 2011 alone, McAdams passed 11 bills in the Utah state Legislature. To say that he is proactive is an understatement. The most unique quality of McAdams is his ability to work across party lines to do what is right. Being able to overlook political affiliation is a rare gift.

When a candidate with such unique qualities is running for office, you must grasp the opportunity with both hands. The word coalition is used often by McAdams and describes his actions and intent in every sense of the word. McAdams is supported by members of both the Democratic and Republican parties as well as Independents. His supporters include six Republican mayors from across the valley who formed the Republicans for Ben McAdams Committee.

When the opposing party goes out of their way to show their support, you know that candidate must be pretty remarkable.

Brooke Bateman