Carolyn Kaster, AP
President Barack Obama holds up his fists to the crowd after speaking at the Summerfest Grounds at Henry Maier Festival Park, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The U.S. economy is the greatest in the world and the very best system in the history of the world in providing prosperity to the most people. The key element of our free-enterprise system is that it rewards success — the greater the success, the greater the reward. The current administration, under President Barack Obama, tends toward punishing success and rewarding mediocrity. Punishment, in our society, consists of putting a person in jail (taking away their freedom) or levying a hefty fine — or both. The Supreme Court has ruled that a fine and a tax are the same thing.

When a person or a company is successful, we fine (tax) them. If they are very successful, we increase the fine (tax). If a company or a person is extremely successful and makes a huge profit, the current administration calls that profit "obscene" and they try to give them a really big fine (tax) so they won't do it again. Successful companies are also punished with more and more regulations (loss of freedom). A small, mediocre business may pay little or no fine (tax) and have more freedom to conduct business.

The main attack on Mitt Romney is that he is very successful. The Obama administration wants to punish Romney by denying him the presidency and reward Obama's mediocre performance with four more years in the White House.

Blaine R. McCann

Pleasant Grove