Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Jim Dabakis speaks before being elected as the State Party Chair during the Utah State Democratic Committee Organizing Convention at the Salt Lake City Hilton in Salt Lake City on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

The recent article by Crystal Young-Otterstrom about faithful LDS Democrats opened my eyes more than a little ("We are faithful Latter-day Saints, and we are Democrats," Sept. 16). The line about Democrats "strengthening families, helping the poor reach self-reliance, etc.," caused me to ask myself if Democrats really believe and strive to practice those things? Helping the poor reach self-reliance is the opposite of the Republican accusation that the Democrats try to urge the poor to look to the government for relief and not worry about trying to help themselves.

I suspect that there may be differences between the national level and many local democratic levels on this topic.

I was disappointed that one LDS value, that of frugality, was missing. This value ties in with the Republican idea to measure national wants against national real needs in order to balance the national budget, reduce the annual deficit and begin to pay off the national debt.

Dale Brimley