Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Mark Crockett speaks during a Salt Lake County Mayoral debate against Ben McAdams on Friday, September 14, 2012.

Salt Lake County needs Mark Crockett. While serving on the county council, Crockett led the fight against subsidizing the soccer stadium. Of the 19 bond initiatives that came up under his tenure, he voted against or worked to reduce 17 of them. He has had a very successful career in consulting, helping turn around businesses and saving them money. What needs to be done for Salt Lake County, Crockett already does every day in the private sector.

The county has borrowed almost $2 billion over the last eight years. We cannot afford to assume we will always have enough money to pay for ever-expanding programs and subsidies. If we are serious about curbing government growth, we need to start here at home. We need a leader like Crockett. Why wouldn't we want better financial security for our county and better results for our taxes?

Matt Larsen

Salt Lake City