I think I finally understand why Utah legislators refuse to properly fund public education. With the highest class counts in the nation, nearly lowest teacher pay, the state ranking now only 29th in the nation in dollars spent for public education per $1,000 in income, the state's students still score above the national average in pretty much every category.

It is almost as though our legislators are saying, "Why should we pay more? Look at what we are getting with what we are now spending."

But while I now understand their reasoning, I don't understand fully their motives. Not only are they making it difficult for public schools to attract and hold on to good teachers, at the same time they make it harder for those teachers who do come to Utah and stay with the system: more teacher evaluations, more testing of students, etc.

It is almost like they are punishing the teachers for their desire to live in Utah and for their work ethic that keeps our students above the national average.

Fred Ash