Tom Smart, Deseret News
Fans on sidelines at the end of the game as the University of Utah defeats BYU 24-21 in football Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Saturday night came close to producing a first in the BYU-Utah football rivalry: a game decided by the fans.

In the final seconds, BYU's tying field goal was blocked, but the play was reset after Ute fans prematurely rushed the field. The Cougars kicked again, but the ball hit the upright.

The missed kick may actually have messed over the Cougars in another area. If it had sailed true, the late-night game would have continued into Sunday morning, thus violating BYU's Sabbath policy.

In which case they'd then be free to join the Big 12, right?


The University of Utah has created a program called Sports 'n Science, designed to teach students the practical applications of athletics. Or maybe to teach athletes the practical applications of being a student.

Experts will break down things like the science of punting, sticking a gymnastics landing or nailing a 3-point shot.

The collaboration involves the Ute athletic department and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education.

Who knows, it may even provide the odds on missing two field goals in one second.


Rock On seldom passes along junk emails, but he couldn't resist this one.

He recently received a breathless notification from someone named "Mr. Koshi Magee" at "Taiyuan sports culture."

"We are urgently looking for a Technical Adviser for our club," it said. "Salary $29,000 per month, contract agreement two years."

So that's how college football teams find their coordinators.


Notre Dame football, the most traditional of programs, is taking a walk on the weird side.

For the game in October against Miami, the Irish will wear uniforms that include an oversized leprechaun on just one side of the helmet.

Sources say the school is also looking into painting a giant shamrock on the Golden Dome, just to class da place up.


Jamie Kuntz, a linebacker for North Dakota State College of Science, was recently dismissed from the football team — over a kiss.

The fuss was apparently because he smooched his boyfriend in the press box during a game. The coach said the dismissal was because Kuntz lied to him when questioned, not the actual act.

Either way, this isn't a new or shocking story. Didn't everyone on the BYU team want to kiss Jonny Harline after that touchdown against Utah in 2006?

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