Tom Smart, Deseret News
Signs for voting on Utah\'s primary day at the Anderson-Foothill Library branch Tuesday, June 26, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How interesting are the letters to the editor that suggest we all should compromise. And just how do we do that? Do the liberals decide not to stand by their convictions so that conservatives will do the same? When there is just a choice between truth and error we cannot compromise. Either we support one or the other.

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Concerning the presidential election, how would you compromise there? Vote for one Democrat, then one Republican, and continue down the ballot in that manner? Some would say that's fair. But is that the way to choose our leaders — by compromise?

We each make choices. We choose one side or the other. We choose to obey the laws, or we don't. We choose to tell the truth, or we don't. We choose to cheat, or we don't. We choose to work, or we don't. There is simply no gray or "in-between."

My values and beliefs cannot be compromised. I must stand and defend them rather than excuse or dilute them. I must be determined and unwavering in order to preserve the value system that our society, local and worldwide, has always believed in.

Sandy Thackeray