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In this photo taken July 22, 2011, President Barack Obama makes a statement in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House in Washington

It is my honest opinion that former-President George Bush never wanted to leave the White House with a deep recession in place. Who would? It is also my opinion that president Barrack Obama did what he could to try to get us back on track and some progress has been made.

Now Obama gets blamed for everything — even the recession we are in and for not doing enough. But how can he be successful when there are people in the Senate and the House of Representatives who fight against most everything that is put forth?

Sen. Mitch McConnell said right from the beginning that he could not let Obama succeed and that the Republicans would do everything within their power to make him a one-term president. Is it better to fight against getting us back on track than to try to help recover our economy?

I believe it was George Romney, former governor of Michigan and the father of Mitt Romney, who once said, "There are no easy solutions, all we can do is to try to make intelligent decisions." Why can't we be honest and give credit where we can whenever possible, and help our country go forward again?

Albertus Van Dyk