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Buttons showing the image of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are sold by a vendor during a Romney campaign event at an oil company in Milwaukee on Monday.

One candidate, Mitt Romney, is a leader with faith in God and in the American people; the other, Barrack Obama, is a candidate of fear — you can't do it without me.

Yet Fox News commentators, and others, rarely portray Romney in the manner he deserves. They too often allow public discourse to be directed by liberal depictions of him instead of leading the dialogue by steadfastly proclaiming and illuminating his exceptional qualifications. When Republicans respond without leading, they reinforce the agenda and buzzwords of "progressives."

They far too often miss the best opportunities to promote Republican ideals.

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At the Convention, Mitt and Ann Romney put to rest the most damaging distortions parlayed by the media about them. Their speeches were inspiring — stunningly so. Mr. Romney emerged "as the candidate of hope." The whole event movingly reminded us that there are good people who understand principles of freedom and liberty and know how to preserve them. It was a crucially patriotic experience that should be felt by every American.

No incumbent president should win another four years on a second campaign of mere promises.

Renee Green