Michael Brandy, Deseret News
Jon Haftel and his 6-year-old son,Jackson, Colorado, enjoy a day of skiing at Solitude Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. December 31, 2010. Michael Brandy, Deseret News.

I view SkiLink not like a bus ride where the rider wants to get to his destination as soon as possible. Instead, a journey to SkiLink will serve skiers who enjoy the excellent skiing at Canyons and Solitude with a superb additional skiing experience as part of their skiing day — much more enjoyable than driving up to an hour between the ski communities.

Ride in a gondola or a car? It's a no brainer in my opinion. The comments by some that to get to SkiLink requires four lift rides at Canyons and is a waste of time, or that it takes the same time it would to drive, are missing the point.

The SkiLink experience is about using lifts and skiing at both Canyons and Solitude Resorts in one day; that is what makes the interconnect so special. By buying a single lift ticket at a modest price increase at either resort to ride SkiLink, a skier could access over 5,200 acres of skiable terrain between the two ski resorts (Canyons 4,000 acres and Solitude 1,200 acres).

Combined, the two resorts will make up one the largest skiable acreage areas in the U.S. All of this simply by building one gondola with no expansion of ski terrain and no new roads. Talk about little to no impact on the environment for a very unique ski experience.

Tom Richardson

Founder of Ski Our Canyons Responsibly