Keith Johnson, Deseret News archives
A banner with flies over the crowd assembled at the Utah State Capitol during the Tea Party Express tour\'s stop in Salt Lake City, Utah March 30, 2010.

Too bad more people don't think like Hyrum Anderson (Reader's Forum, "Balancing the budget requires a balanced approach" Aug. 31). I agree with what he is saying. There was an excellent article by Nathan B. Oman ("Without compromise, fixing deficit is a fairy tale," Aug. 31) that really explains why there has to be compromise to fix our nation's deficit.

I think the tea party and their ultra- right, no-compromise way of thinking is what has put our great country in the bad financial position we are in. I watched the Republican Convention and Mitt Romney's speech and find it hard to believe those people think everything wrong with our country is President Barrack Obama's fault.

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It is the tea party people who voted "no" to everything, even if they voted for it before when it came up for a vote. In my opinion, these people are not patriots but people who are trying to destroy our country and our way of government.

How can all these people at the convention hold up signs that say "we built it" when Obama was talking about "the roads, bridges and unbelievable American system. Somebody else made that happen" ("Cheap political points," July 21). I guess I miss Ronald Reagan and Bob Bennett and their happy thoughts and their ability to compromise and get things done that are for the good of our great country.

Don C. Cunningham

Fruit Heights