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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden shake hands on stage with first lady Michelle Obama, second from left, and Jill Biden, right, a campaign event at Strawbery Banke Field, Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, in Portsmouth, N.H.

It appears that one of President Barack Obama's big rebuttals about the Republican National Convention and the methods of cure for our ailing country as stated by so many of the speakers is that it is the same old claims, and he accentuated it by saying they are so old you could watch them on black and white TV.

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This demonstrates the basic problem with his apparent lack of understanding of America. The things that have made this country so great have not changed. The principles are old because they are the same today as they have been all along and have been proved over and over again as this country grew to become the envy of all other countries in the world.

It is clear that Obama does not recognize that limited government, family values, a strong free enterprise system and individual freedoms and responsibility are still what is needed to bring America off its knees and back into a vibrant economy.

More of the changes that he is trying to push will not move us forward but promises to take us further back.

Bill Barton

West Jordan