Ravell Call, Deseret News
Mia Love is interviewed at her home in Saratoga Springs, Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012

I think we need to realize that Rep. Jim Matheson tries to sound good and convince people in Utah that he represents them while he is here in Utah, but when he is in Washington, he votes the Democratic Party line 75 percent of the time. That does not reflect our values nor represent us.

Matheson tries to distance himself from Democrats and say that he really is like us, but he is not. Why doesn't he have a national Democratic figure coming to support him? Why, after 12 years in Congress, is he not on a significant powerful committee? Why have the so-called "Blue Dogs" that he claims to have been a part of not accomplished anything?

I think we should thank him for helping the "down winders." But maybe we should also thank him for the stimulus bill that didn't work. Let's thank him for Obamacare that is too expensive the way it is written. Let's thank him for the expanding government's role in our lives, the out of control federal budget, the government employee unions that are a conflict of interest, the fact that we have to get re-appropriated funding for the Utah Central Water Project every time.

Instead of voting for someone who is running away from the party he belongs to just to get elected, let's vote for someone who really has the same values we have in our state, Mia Love.

Brian Strong

East Millcreek