After spending the past 38 years at "dear old Davis High School," I express gratitude to former students, many of whom have become dear friends, for making it such a wonderful and successful experience.

As I graduate or retire to write a new chapter in my book of life, I can firmly state that I have no regrets. I have loved teaching Home Economics/Family and Consumer Science. Child Development and Early Childhood Education have been my passion. Essential life skills are also taught in Foods, Adult Roles/Financial Literacy, Clothing and Interior Design classes, although titles have changed.

I wish I could remember individual names of the some 11,000 students I have been privileged to know. Considering that six different class periods were taught each semester with 25-30 students per class, the numbers add up quickly. A short time ago my husband commented that if we gathered all the students in my classes together, we would have a fair sized city.

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Teaching two generations of students and knowing little children in our Child Care Center and preschool who then grew up and became the teachers in the Child Care Center has been exciting. I truly have had the best of worlds in education being surrounded by the enthusiasm and joy little children bring to our lives and enjoying the intellect, interest and challenges teens offer.

I appreciate the opportunity to teach and learn from colleagues, students and their parents. Thanks again for an enjoyable and memorable journey.

Marie L. Barber