Scott G Winterton, Okespa&ntilde
Students come and go at the Student center at Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville. Graduation rates Monday, July 30, 2012

In his congressional campaign against Mia Love, Jim Matheson is running an ad that accuses Love of calling for the end of student loans. Now, I didn't hear her say that. Maybe she did, or maybe she didn't.

Matheson makes a point that many of Utah's students are counting on student loans for college, which may be true. However, we should consider what ought to be. First, I raise a question about why and under what authority the federal government has become the loan agency for our students.

Second, I have to question the wisdom of anyone making a loan to a student who will graduate with a degree that does not have enough market value to earn the graduate a salary which will allow the loan to be paid. Loans need to make economic sense.

Third, I would argue that the availability of federal money, both grants and loans, has distorted the economics of college education and raised the cost of education in general.

So, when Matheson condemns Love for raising the issue about student loans, he simply exposes his bias toward big federal government and its intervention into the lives of all of us. He is part of the financial mess the federal government is in.

Harry A. Haycock