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Clint Eastwood
While many Hollywood actors are prone to scorn for being out-of-touch elitists, Eastwood doesn't carry that image. —Jamie Weinstein

A Republican National Convention schedule released Monday left one prime speaking slot filled with "To Be Announced," sparking rumors that actor Clint Eastwood will be bringing a bit of Hollywood to the final night of the convention.

"It's him," Paul Gilbert, a friend of Mitt and Ann Romney, told U.S. News. "I can confirm that, 100 percent."

Jamie Weinstein at The Daily Caller was among the first to mention Eastwood's name as a possible speaker, listing him among other possibilities including Joe Lieberman, Colin Powell, former first lady Nancy Reagan or Tim Tebow.

"While many Hollywood actors are prone to scorn for being out-of-touch elitists, Eastwood doesn't carry that image," Weinstein wrote. "An endorsement from Eastwood, who served as mayor of a California city and who George H.W. Bush reportedly considered for his vice presidential nominee, would seem to fit the bill as someone who would work as a high-profile mystery prime time speaker."

Eastwood endorsed Romney at the beginning of August, saying the "country needs a boost somewhere."

In addition to Lieberman, Powell, Mrs. Reagan or Tebow, other rumors of possible speakers included former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin or a "bunch of former first ladies."

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A Wall Street Journal poll lists Zell Miller, a Democrat who crossed party lines to support President George W. Bush over John Kerry in 2004; musician Ted Nugent; General David Petraeus or pilot Chesley Sullenberger, who gained notoriety after landing a plane in the Hudson River.

Other guesses also included Sen. Joseph Manchin, D-W.Va., who previously said he was not sure he would support President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, or former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder. Wilder is a Democrat and the first African-American politician elected governor in the U.S., and criticized Vice President Joe Biden for saying Romney's economic plan would "put y'all back in chains." Wilder reportedly showed up at a Romney fundraiser in Richmond, Va., in August.