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Mitt Romney

Something caught my eye in U.S. News and World Report online that shows yet another contrast in this year's presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It was a breakdown of the economic, tax and job creation contributions of American energy producers. In a nutshell, U.S. energy and oil companies accounted for 9 percent of all new jobs created, invested over $36 billion in our economy and paid almost $100 billion in taxes.

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And they accomplished all that success in the face of outright hostility from this current administration, with its commitment to solar and wind schemes for its cronies while fighting oil, gas and coal at every turn. That is why Utah welcomes a clear change in policy direction from a new Romney administration, especially with the proposal to turn permitting decisions on public lands over to the states, where permits might actually be granted and work allowed to proceed. Imagine — an administration that sees the value in investments made, taxes paid and jobs sustained.

Alex Alfonso