Honesty. This highly appreciated and important virtue seems to be in less supply these days. We hear and read about dishonest politicians, shady business practices, cheating on the rise at schools and shoplifting woes from retailers.

Outright lying is probably the most common form of dishonesty. In fact a recent study presented at the American Psychological Association Convention this year concluded that Americans, on average, lie about 11 times per week. Amidst this decline in honesty, it was with great surprise and satisfaction that one of our resident youth decided to do the right thing and be honest.

Let me tell you the happy story.

Several months ago, my wife had left an iPod docking station stereo system unattended for a couple of hours on our property as she went to get some lunch. When she returned, she discovered that the system was gone. Inquiries to neighbors regarding the incident produced some reports that a couple of young men were seen leaving the property around the lunchtime hour.

We were saddened by the loss of the stereo system but more saddened about the dishonest act itself and the young man who would have to live with what he did. Fast forward to a few days ago when, upon opening our front door to go get the mail, we saw the stereo system sitting there on our front porch with an anonymous note attached. Amazed and in awe, we read the note.

It expressed how sorry the individual felt, how he was trying to become a better person and how he felt he needed to give back more than he took (by including an AUX cord and an iPod Touch). He hoped that we would forgive him.

To this individual (if by chance he happens to read this): We want to let you know that you are indeed forgiven. No doubt it took a lot of courage for you to take this step in making a positive change in your life, and we are very grateful for that. We wish you the best and hope you know that we now call you an honest friend.

Ryan Pitt is a resident of Centerville.