While returning home this week from Lake Powell, we stopped to fuel and eat in Nephi. After paying at the pump and waiting in line to order our meal, I reached for my wallet to pay and realized it was missing. A quick look around me, followed by a much more thorough search from the pump to the cashier was to no avail.

I started to review all the steps that are necessary when a wallet is lost: canceling credit cards, replacing a drivers license and a hundred other inconveniences, all of which would be a miserable end to a great vacation. There was a long line of people waiting to order, including a large group of football players from Grantsville. As I sat mulling my options, one of the players approached me and asked if the wallet he was holding was mine. Indeed it was. What a relief.

I suspected the young man wouldn't accept a token of my appreciation directly from me, so I approached one of his coaches and asked him to pass a small reward to the young man for the return of my wallet. The coach said, "Keep your money. These are good kids. They don't expect something for doing the right thing." Many thanks to the parents, teachers and coaches who help develop such young men.

Max Mulliner