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Coach Bronco Mendenhall shouts instructions during Brigham Young University football practice in Provo, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012.


Maybe there are just too many cooks in the kitchen.

Compliance offices at BYU and Utah are asking fans not to urge athletes via social media to attend their schools — it might amount to illegal recruiting. Other universities have taken the same step.

Seems that top athletes nowadays must avoid social media more than mainstream media, these days.

Rock On thinks cookies with logo frosting are still the best way to illegally recruit.


Gimme an E. Gimme an M. Gimme a T.

What's that spell?

One lucky football coach.

Jessica Anderson, a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Tornados football team, is also an EMT. During a July game, coach Jerry Senter collapsed on the sidelines. Anderson administered CPR, preventing Senter from dying of a heart attack.

Good story. Really. But you have to wonder how many cheerleaders would jump in to save Bill Belichick.


As if Bronco Mendenhall's explanations weren't hard enough to decipher, now he's quoting other hard-to-follow people.

Regarding tight end Marcus Mathews playing two positions, the Cougar coach quoted Belichick thusly in the Salt Lake Tribune: " 'The more you can do, the more you can do,' so if he can do both, he can do both."

In other words, the harder Rock On tries to understand Broncospeak, the more he can understand, if that's understandable.


The valedictorian of an Oklahoma school is being denied her diploma for saying a mild swear word during her graduation speech and then refusing to apologize.

Talk about overkill.

How do they know she's not practicing for a career on "Basketball Wives"?


A U.S. Open tennis umpire has been charged with killing her husband with a coffee mug.

Prosecutors are trying to prove even tennis refs have a snapping point when someone keeps calling "Fault!" every time you leave the lid off the toothpaste.


Roger Clemens is making a comeback in minor league baseball.

But he is admitting he's quite a ways from the bigs.

"I don't know how much clearer I can say it," Clemens told reporters on Friday. "I'm nowhere near major league ready, nor have I been training or pitching in that type of mode."

Hmmm. Maybe he could use a little juice.

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