Patrick Semansky, Associated Press
Demonstrators chant and walk during a protest march, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012, in St Petersburg, Fla. Hundreds of protestors gathered a park in downtown St. Petersburg to march in demonstration against the Republican National Convention.

TAMPA, Fla. — Protesters are blaming Tropical Storm Isaac and a massive police presence for a weak turnout at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Only about 200 protesters gathered for a Monday rally in a lot near the arena where Republicans will be nominating Mitt Romney as their candidate for president. Organizers had expected 5,000. There was no rain but winds were gusting at 35 mph.

Protester Mick Kelly said the weather had curtailed turnout but the organizing groups were going to carry on with a planned march later in the day. Cara Jennings said the massive police presence near the arena had scared away some demonstrators.

The 60 organizing groups included labor unions, Students for a Democratic Society, Veterans for Peace, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Occupy Wall Street and Code Pink.