Susan Walsh, File, Associated Press
In this Aug. 2, 2011 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

In the years that President Barack Obama has been in office, which is very few, he and the laughable excuses of money handlers have not done anything to cut the national deficit at all, and instead have made cuts into programs, such as our advantage in space exploration, to pay for things that may work on paper but don't in the real world.

In his mind, Obama's plans work. If they worked, why are we not working? To take and paraphrase a line from the film "Top Gun," he is writing checks this country can't cash.

Having the government try to regulate everything from business to health care is not true capitalism. That is more akin to a form of government that eventually falls in upon itself. I believe it is called communism.

Eric Green