Letter writer George Hawkins should review the phenomenal economic success of the San Francisco Peninsula as a model for the Salt Lake Valley.

In the late-1800s, the wealthy of San Francisco were troubled by the ugly air, noises and hazardous chemicals of manufacturing at the city's borders. A migration subsequently left the city for the wealthy neighborhoods of Burlingame, Hillsborough and Atherton. These powerful families insured that no heavy industry would occur on the peninsula. This sort of activity was vectored to the east bay where prevailing winds would take it further eastward. The smart folks who developed the electronic and computer revolutions of the last 50 years decided to settle there because of the high quality of life.

The jobs paying a couple dollars an hour are not coming back here. There are better competitors for such work overseas and along the Mexican border. Instead, we should be working toward a cleaner environment, a superior education system, safe neighborhoods, forward-looking politicians and increased recreational opportunities.

With this and our great skiing, we will do a better job at attracting those corporate movers who will bring those $100,000-plus tech jobs to our valley.

Anthony Arnason