Eric Risberg, Associated Press
This Wednesday, June 22, 2011 photo shows bees atop a hive on a roof.

I enjoyed the article on urban bees. As a bit of a scientist myself, I agree that too often laws are based off of fear due to incomplete information rather than hard science. This extends to subjects such as food irradiation, but I will stick to bees.

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One may find it odd that although I was attacked by a swarm when I was very young, I never really had a fear of bees and have just found them fascinating. I feel urban bees will help the green space in the cites and especially aid those who have fruit trees and gardens. And remember, folks, if you ever find bees making a hive in the walls of your home, don't call the exterminator. Call your neighborhood beekeeper. They will be happy to remove the bees and literally find them a good home. With Colony Collapse Disorder, we need as many bees as possible.

Erin Partridge