POCATELLO, Idaho — The owner of an Idaho rail car repair company believes vandals who keep breaking into his business are probably just looking for a scare after hearing longstanding rumors that the building is haunted.

But the culprits are causing real damage.

The rumors swirling about the Idaho Rail Shop in Pocatello are false, and the only things going bump in the night are the hoodlums who have broken in at least four times in the past month, breaking windows and ruining doors, owner Clark Beck said.

The culprits have even used tools owned by the business to break into the building, he said.

"If you ask me, they're the ones bringing the negative energy in with them," Beck told the Idaho State Journal.

Beck can no longer keep up with the costly repairs and has resorted to boarding up broken windows with plywood after replacing glass so often. Police stepped up patrols in the area.

There is also a dog on the property to chase away thrill seekers, Beck said.

The rail shop moved into the building along the railroad tracks on the west side of Pocatello more than a decade ago, and the break-ins are not new. The vandalism has been consistent over the years Beck said.

He insists the building makes sounds similar to those of any old building.

"But for some reason, it entices people to come up here and seek out a scary experience," he said.