It is better to keep your fingers off the Twitter account and let people think you are a fool, than to tweet and remove all doubt.

– Mark Twain revisited

Tweet: We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us. From Olympix to Hollywd to WashtnDC, people keep putting their feet in their mouths (or their iPhones) via Twitter. Amazing what trouble you can cre8 with just 140 wds.

Tweet: Like the Greek triple jumper who got kicked out of the Olympics for tweeting "So many Africans in Greece at least West Nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food." U-C? Years of training down the drain in a moment cuz her fingers run wild. Feelin tweepish?

Tweet: After losing to the South Koreans in an Olympic soccer match, Sweden's Michel Morganella tweeted that he wanted to beat up his opponents, said they should burn and called them "a bunch of mongoloids." Citius, altius, stupidus. He was banned from the Olympics. BTW, if U R upset, wait 24 hrs B4 U Tweet.

Tweet: U can C Y American Olympians were required to attend a seminar about tweeting. How about a seminar for everyone else?

Tweet: ICYMI, Congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted a link of sexually suggestive photos and messages to women. Y wld he do dat? IDK. Now he's an ex-congressman. New rule: Twits should not Twitter. Try twabstinence.

Tweet: Lolo Jones tweeted from the Olympics "USA Men's Archery lost the gold medal to Italy but that's ok, we are Americans... When's da Gun shooting competition?" LOL. Americans deserve that. Consider it an editorial comment. Instead she was criticized. Liten up, every1.

Tweet: Talk about bad timing! Tweeting and texting arrived at about the same time as political correctness. U can hardly write anything w/out offending some1.

Tweet: Some tweets aren't exactly in a gray area, tho. Florida St. football coach Jumbo Fischer has banned his players from their Twitter accounts for the season. Thatz cuzseveral of his players tweeted objectionable messages, including one that quoted rap lyrics about killing police. Tweetle-dumb. Unfortunately, brains aren't required to use Twitter.

Tweet: Today's motto – If U haven't got something good to say about someone, tell everyone about it on Twitter. Remember, snarkiness is in.

Tweet: Remember when people talked face2face? That is so yesterday. They don't talk at all, not even on da fone. They text and Twitter and Facebook. That's where the trouble starts. FYI, once you text/Tweet/FB, you can't take it back; it's out there in cyberspace forever. Or in the Library of Congress, which has kept a digital archive of every Tweet – about 50 million a day – since Twitter was created in 2006. That ought to keep a few people awake at night. NTS: Thnk b4 U tweet.

Tweet: There was a time when public figures complained about their bosses or media with a few peers in the lockerroom or on the movie set. Now they tell the world about it. Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi noted, after NBA star Dwight Howard took to Twitter to criticize negative stories about him, "Now there's 2 million people in the lockerroom." It helps to think that way.

Tweet: Maybe they should heed the advice that Rory Cooper, director of communications at the Heritage Foundation, who told World on Campus: "Only say things that you would say to somebody's face, or that you would want to have on the front page of The Washington Post." It helps to think that way 2. Google "tweet and fired" and see how many people have been fired b-cuz of tweets.

Tweet: Then again, what if U don't know you're an idiot and the only person U embarrass is yourself? Such as Nicole Richie tweeting, "I'm, like, soooooo pretty." That's, like, sooooo highly egotwistical, don't u think? Or Kirstie Ally tweeting, "I'm leavin on a jet train." Or Paris Hilton tweeting, "No, no, I didn't go to England; I went to London." LOL.

Tweet: Critics have had a field day with Sarah Palin's tweets, becuz of her penchant for making up words — i.e. "refudiate," "misunderestimate," and "wee-wee'd up." Celebs need tweeditors.

Tweet: Got an ax to grind? Tweet it, if you dare. Correspondent Guy Adams criticized NBC's coverage of the Olympics and NBC petulantly demanded that Twitter shut down his account, which it did. So much for free speech/press. Now if we can just get the network to shut down Andrea Kramer (snarkiness is in, remember?).

Tweet: The problem is that everyone can be a reporter now because everyone has a forum — Twitter, Facebook, texting — except without the training. Reporters pretty much have it burned into their brains to be wary of what they say or write and why this is necessary. No one else seems to get it. Which is weird. It's not like a slip of the tongue in the heat of the moment; they have to actually take the time to type it. And still they send out rash messages.

Tweet:: Maybe twalking face2face is better than tweeting.