T.J. Kirkpatrick, Deseret News
Highland High School and I-80 are seen through a break in the clouds and smog during a red-air quality day in Salt Lake City Thursday.

Thank you for printing valuable information about our air quality. When I moved to Salt Lake City in 1994, my perfect health record began to be tainted. I now suffer from bronchitis, allergies and asthma.

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Until recently, I never understood that these afflictions were caused by poor air quality. When I visit friends in the Denver area my health problems disappear. I moved to Kaysville from Salt Lake City in part to get away from the air pollution.

But now, eight years later, I'm horrified at how bad the air is here as well. It's not just a few times a year any more. Now we're lucky to get a few clear days a month. I hope more people will become aware of this problem that is damaging our health, our children's health and our future. And I hope our elected officials take heed. It's time to take dirty air seriously.

Louise Speer