PARK CITY — A victor failed to emerge after 100 minutes of purely exhausting soccer on Thursday at Park City High School. The Skyline Eagles battled the Park City Miners in what turned out to be a double-overtime, 1-1 stalemate.

The tie was especially frustrating for the Eagles, as three different scoring attempts brought the crowd to their feet only to ping off the metal frame.

"We were just unlucky today," Skyline head coach Yamil Castillo said. "We have to keep working on finishing. We spent a lot of the second half on this side of the field but couldn't finish. Because we were worrying about the clock, we weren't playing our game."

Skyline speedster Ashley Aberton gave the Eagles a 1-0 advantage midway through the second half, corralling a quality assist from teammate Jaslyn Masina and striking from the right side.

Minutes later, Park City's Maggie Reigelsperger took advantage of a Skyline hand ball in the box, firing in a penalty kick to equalize, 1-1.

The remainder of regulation went much like the preceding minutes with several viable, yet unsuccessful shots on goal. Skyline's Masina, who had already hit the crossbar in the first half, sent another ball off the left post. Teammate Lauren Harmon was nearly successful on heading in a corner kick, and Emily Cassell booted a pair of near misses in the final minutes.

"We had the right shots and we took them all," Aberton said, pleased with the effort. "We had second and third chances on them."

Park City was just as persistent at times, sitting on the brink of brilliance and enjoying lengthy stretches of possession.

"I felt like we were right there the whole time," Reigelsperger expressed. "They had chances, we had chances. We just need to work on executing a little better but we definitely have the right ideas. It is frustrating, because I know how good we can be and we could have beat that team."

Park City was scrappy in the first overtime, staving off an Eagle attack and earning chances of its own. Sophomore goalkeeper Hannah Hyatt was solid in the Miners' net.

As time wore on into the second overtime, both teams seemed to slow. The heat and longevity of the match was manifested in the speed and style of the game, and execution and precision were increasingly neglected.

According to coach Castillo, the running clock led to panic and the Eagles migrated further from their desired style of play. "They are very dangerous when they go to the one and two touches, which they did part of the game, and we kind of ran away from that," he said. "When we do the one and two touch, we are the best team in the state."

"We tried to push in the last 10 minutes, but we couldn't finish," he continued.

Despite the tie, Skyline goalkeeper and vocal leader Alli Spencer was impressed with the Eagles' overall performance.

"I think we can be happy with the game because we didn't play badly," Spencer said. "Games like this are frustrating either way but for us its a good step towards our next games, and the rest of the season."

Park City head coach Chip Cook also saw the tie as a stepping stone. "It's good practice for the regular season," she said. "We like having these challenges in the preseason because it helps us prepare. It was a good mental and physical challenge."