The story of Greg Peterson's alleged multiples rapes and other sexual assaults should serve as a reminder to single women to be more careful in dating. In each case that has been reported, it appears that the woman either got in a car with Peterson or had him come to her home — on the first date.

Ladies: just because a man shares your religious views (whatever your faith) does not mean you can trust him. Whether you've met online, talked at a church activity or have been set up by a friend, it is always best to schedule your first date in a public place. You should provide your own transportation and should not have the man pick you up at your house.

If he turns out to be crazy (or possibly in Greg Peterson's case, dangerous) do you really want him to know where you live? It's sad that we have to be so cautious, but this is the world we live in today. Better to be safe than sorry.

Elisa Clements

Salt Lake City