It's the positive truth the Beach Boys really do get around, especially this summer on their 50th Anniversary Tour.

Following on the coattails of our son Steve, Grit and I had our picture taken and were able to meet some of them when they performed at the Stadium of Fire in Provo for the Fourth of July.

Mike Love, who couldn't have been more chatty or charming, told us they performed the night before in Virginia Beach, ending late at night EDT. Here they were the very next night chipper and ready to go again.

Pretty rigorous activity for a bunch of old guys, but hey — they sure gave a fine, strong performance. The people in LaVell Edwards Stadium were standing up and rocking away. It was amazing that both young and old couldn't sit still and just listen. Their music gives us visions of sandy beaches, tanned youth and summer that bring out the kid in all of us.

There were beach balls being bounced around the stadium as they sang, which really delighted the younger children when they were able to hit it.

By the time the Beach Boys got going, I was a mother of a 1-year-old child but still close enough to my rock and roll days to want to "Dance, Dance, Dance" to their "Good Vibrations." Blasting the music really got the housework done.

Back in high school in 1957, we could have used their music. My friend Betty Jane Kane had a red T-bird we would cruise around in during our senior year. Her daddy didn't take her T-Bird away, even when we skipped school for a day at the end of the year and drove the 40 miles to El Paso and back with the top down.

We may have lived in the New Mexico desert but we could have understood what it meant to "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world."

The assistant principal, Mrs. Wylie, looked us all in the eye and said, "We expected more of you girls," and expelled us for a day, which was mortifying (we were good kids). But what a once-in-a-lifetime, wonderful, sunny day laughing together.

When the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun" (remember the next line is "Til her daddy takes the T-bird away") came out in 1964, I was a mother of two. Just listening to the song would lift me up and over the cookie crumbs and diapers remembering good times in that T-bird with my girlfriends. Wouldn't have traded my two boys for anything, but what a lift to my spirits their music was.

So meeting Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and Mike Love was pretty special. Who knew we would all live this long, let alone that little, old me would have the delightful experience of meeting them face-to-face?

?I was sad Steve's mother-in-law, Gail Thorne, wasn't able to be there to hear them dedicate "Barbara Ann" to Steve and his wife, who is a namesake. Gail likely will get a chance later on and if for any reason you do, too, grab your Hawaiian shirt from the back of the closet and go. Their voices were as strong as ever and the instrumentals couldn't have been better.

Think large — they end their world tour in London in September. "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"