Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Utah Jazz forwardcenter Derrick Favors (15) talks with media Utah Jazz players clean out their lockers after being swept in the first round of the NBA playoffs in Salt Lake City Tuesday, May 8, 2012.


Jordan Wynn isn't slow-witted by any means. Coaches compare his decision-making skills to Sugar Bowl MVP Brian Johnson.

Still, Rock On couldn't help smiling at a quote in Thursday's Deseret News, wherein the Ute quarterback misspoke. Regarding backup Jon Hays, who subbed in after Wynn was injured last season, he said: "If Jon would have went down, who knows what would have happened?"

Later in the article, redshirt freshman QB Adam Schulz said, "I get to learn from the smartest guy I think I'll ever know, Jordan."

Unless, of course, he had decided to skip all that fancy-schmantzy university stuff and went to a trade school.


The Roman Colosseum needs a facelift.

Reports say the famous arena is slightly tilting and needs a $30 million makeover.

Just like some of those Athens and Beijing Olympic venues, except 2,000 years older.


Ute safety Brian Blechen has been suspended for the first three games of the season.

According to published reports, he violated team policy by using marijuana. But sources say the Utes aren't really worried about a recurrence of the problem.

They stopped playing on grass years ago.


The greatest Olympic country in history?

Not the USA.

A website called Pingflux charted which empires would dominate the Olympics if boundaries were reconfigured to fit the Old World. Turns out the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan would have won more medals than anyone, followed by the British Empire, today's Eurozone and Napoleonic France.

Sadly, sources say 197 of Mongolia's 218 medals would have been returned following positive tests for airag.


A Gallup study suggests the best place to be living five years from now is Utah.

The study tracked factors such as future livability, employment, job creation rate and states' ability to think forward.

This must mean the Jazz really do expect to re-sign Derrick Favors.


Last month, hikers noticed something strange on the mountainsides near Salt Lake — a man dressed as a goat.

Wildlife officials confirmed it wasn't Bill Buckner after all.


In an apparent pang of regret after throwing matches and being banished from the Olympics, Chinese athlete Yu Yang immediately retired, saying, "Goodbye, my beloved badminton."

Which is exactly the phrase Rock On used as he cleaned out his garage last week.

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