It is an election year and people's minds are focused on the federal government, not our local city governments. When I talk to friends and neighbors, they're mostly concerned about national taxes and federal budgets, but don't seem to be thinking too much about the government that's closest to them. It's ironic that while most people are distracted by the national scene, the very same things are happening right here under our noses.

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Orem is planning an unnecessary tax hike to the amount of $3 million annually right now. Utah is supposedly one of the most "conservative" states in the nation. Why, then, is everyone so passive and accepting of such outrageous tax hikes by our own city councils? If the majority of Utah is against national tax increases, then why don't we take more action against local tax increases?

I say no to tax increases at the national level, and I say no to them here at home. If we're going to change the pattern of flagrant overspending that plagues our nation, it needs to start at the local level. The world is facing a spending crisis. It's threatening the European Union; it's threatening the United States; and it's threatening the city of Orem, Utah. It's our responsibility to change that, starting here and now.

Linda Jardine