J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press
In this May 22, 2012, photo, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., speaks to reporters at the Capitol following a political strategy meeting, in Washington.

Harry Reid has descended to the lowest form of politics — defamation by innuendo. He has suggested impropriety by Mitt Romney in nonpayment of taxes. The shame is compounded by his certain personal knowledge from acquaintance, history and records that Romney, whatever you think of his candidacy, is a person of high moral values who supports and upholds the law.

Even if it were true that accounting circumstances of gains and losses permitted avoidance of payment of taxes in some years, the fault, if any, would be for stupidity in paying more taxes than the law requires. And there is consistency of generosity in personal contributions to nongovernmental charities. That comparison between Romney and Reid and among others running for public office, who are clamoring for release of tax returns for political exploitation, would be revealing of true character.

Reid, by contrast, has broken the law for the past three years and continues to do so daily by failure in his sworn duty as Senate Majority Leader to submit a budget for operation of the government. He should be recalled for dereliction of duty.

I am ashamed of Reid for his current behavior. I have understood his liberal philosophy of governmental assistance based on his family roots and early experiences but disappointed in his political tactics, now defamation without cause, to accomplish his goals.

Besides shame, embarrassment and disappointment, I am saddened by his apparent lack of guilt of conscience.

George Gee Jackson

Salt Lake City